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“Seasonal Palette” Exhibit

  This is a view of the Seasonal Palette exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. SAQA did a fabulous job with the exhibit and it was a lovely display. It was a large square space with openings on two sides and park benches and plants in the center. The space seemed very open […]

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“Seasonal Palette” It’s Done!

  I call the finished piece ‘BEHOLD’. It was a challenging and rewarding project and I am very happy with the results. I have sent it off to the exhibit and am making preparations to travel to Houston with friends and family to see the show. I am very excited to see the exhibit in […]

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“Seasonal Palette” – Finishing

After two months of work on the construction and composition for this piece, it was finally ready for the finishing steps in the process. It was pressed, layered with a thin batting/backing and secured with safety pins. Using a walking foot and monofilament thread, I stitched in the ditch along the main long diagonal seam […]

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“Seasonal Palette” – Composition/Assembly

The gradation of color value is an important element in this design.  I used the b&w function on my camera to check the arrangement. When the composition was near complete, I began sewing the motifs together in diagonal strips. Throughout this process I continue to make adjustments, rearrange pieces and shift the alignment of strips. […]

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“Seasonal Palette” – Composing on the Design Wall

I work on a large design wall which is covered with white flannel. Before starting the composition I defined the size of the finished piece on the wall with dark strings. I then began arranging the motifs. My intent is to create a swath of lighter colors which move diagonally across the piece from the bottom […]

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