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“Seasonal Palette” Inspiration – Colors/Patterns

P8261341 2.jpgFall fireweed.jpgClose-up-leaf-.jpgClose-up-leaf-pattern_2_2 2.jpgScreen shot 2011-11-02 at 5.29.19 PM.jpgc23-images 2.jpegimages 2.jpeg03091055.jpg

Taking a closer look, and knowing that I would be creating an artwork with an Autumn theme, I focused on the colorful spectacle we were observing as we traveled north. I took lots of photos, collected leaves, walked through the brilliant vegetation and imagined how I would express this splendor with fabric, paint and stitch. Taking in the view from afar and looking closer too, I felt the space and depth in the landscape. The distant vistas were dappled with subtle color and then transitioned to saturated hues in the vegetation close by. As the cool verdant greens of summer waned, the warm reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks of autumn crept in. Repetition of parallel lines and radiating line patterns prevailed, creating harmony and interest in natures design.


“Seasonal Palette” – Inspiration

motorhome.jpglandscape.jpgtree.jpgyellow trees .JPGfireweed.jpgground-cover.jpgroadside.jpgrose-hips.jpg

I was notified of my acceptance into the Seasonal Palette exhibit just before leaving for a road trip from Seattle back to Alaska in our motorhome. The timing was perfect as we would be traveling through the Alaskan landscape as it was transitioning into Autumn. I took advantage of this opportunity to take lots of photos and pay close attention to the colorful vistas and close views of vibrant vegetation. I have never traveled the Alaska highways at this time of year. It was spectacular!

SAQA “Seasonal Palette” Exhibit…….

Detail "Sunny Disposition"

Last September I received notice that I had been selected to create a piece for “Seasonal Palette” a special SAQA exhibit which will debut at the International Quilt Festival/Houston in Nov. 2012, and then travel to several other venues. This special exhibit will showcase a series of 32 quilts hung side by side, depicting the seasons of the year. I had submitted a portfolio and requested to do my piece using a Winter theme. The show curators requested that I change my theme to Autumn as more than half the artists selected had requested winter. They also requested that I do it using the specific style and technique used in one of my portfolio pieces. The picture here shows a detail of the piece they want me to emulate. The participating artists were  asked to document their creative process in a sketchbook which will be displayed with the work. I also plan to record some of my steps along the way in this blog.

Welcome to my studio……

Detail of "Common Ground"

Today my son helped me to update my website. The last two years have been very productive in the studio but images of my work never made it to my website.  Today I am coming up to speed and we have added images of this work. This new format will allow me to be more involved in this process and keep things more current. Thanks Zak!